WOW Weekend!

Dena’s Shop on the Corner

                             ~Welcomes you to…


Cashmere: a much sought-after fiber due to it’s softness, light weight, and amazing insulation properties!


WOW Weekend

~Friday 13th- Sunday 15th~

Please Join Us for WOW Weekend & Our Annual Special Shopping Night Event!

NYDJ and Pure Amici Holiday Collection

Featured All Weekend!!!

20% off* NYDJ

20% off* Pure Amici

Cashmere and Holiday Wear

*In-store merchandise only*cannot be combined with other sales*

*all sales final*

The Anatomy of Cashmere:

Fun Facts…

Cashmere is not derived from a specific breed of goat,

as much as a specific part; generally the underbelly and throat. It is the delicate undercoat

grown, primarily in Mongolia, to provide warmth and insulation during the harsh winter months.

The shedding of the undercoat takes place naturally,

or is combed out to provide the cashmere fiber.

The purest Cashmere is 8x warmer than wool

yet significantly lighter.

The best cashmere is like fine wine…

                                                    it gets better with age and wear!

You’re Invited!

~Saturday November 14th~


Holiday Shopping Event:

                                        Come for Food

                                 Fun &


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