Invitation – Stormy Weather!

Dena’s Shop on the Corner



The key look of the ILSE JACOBSEN HORNBÆK collection embraces relaxed luxury and smart casuals related closely to the Scandinavian lifestyle.

Our roots are deeply grounded in Hornbæk, famous for the relaxing atmosphere around its small harbor, wide sandy beaches and dunes. Inspired by nature, we design ready to wear rub&rain, bags and accessories in a fine balance between Scandinavian lifestyle, Danish design and modern living.

Braving the weather in an ILSE JACOBSEN product means confidence and comfort. Whether it’s the natural rubber handcrafted boots, or the Teflon treated coats, the Danish company continues to demonstrate the designer’s understanding of how to thrive, even in harsh conditions:

Just like here on the North Coast!

Please join us in celebration of the

Stormy Weather Arts Festival

Friday-Sunday: Ilse Jacobsen Trunk-show

Friday 6pm-8pm: Reception

Saturday 10:30am-11:45am Dancing in the Rain Fashion Show (see below for details)

Dena’s will be closed Monday for Christmas decorating! Please come see us Tuesday and visit our winter wonderland!

Save the Date!

November 13th-15th


Women’s Only Weekend

Click for more info.

Saturday November 14th

Shopping Night!!! Details to come…

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Dena’s Shop On The Corner

123 S. Hemlock, Ste. 101

Cannon Beach, OR 97110

(503) 436-1275


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