NEW ARRIVAL: Fabulous New shoe line: Corso Como

New Arrivals untitled

The CC Corso Como philosophy is to provide you with beautifully crafted shoes that exhibit fresh innovations in style, impeccable detail, and luxurious comfort.

Hand assembled in the most elite boutique factories, our shoes are composed of the finest materials available in the marketplace.

We are dedicated to create shoes that boast an unparalleled level of comfort that until now was considered inconsistent with high fashion footwear.

CC Corso Como also promotes the idea of style with a conscience. To advocate various environmental and social causes, a portion of every sale is donated to charity.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our manufacturing process and the policies behind it. By supporting CC Corso Como, you are contributing to the fight for a conscientious global economy.

CC Corso Como is committed to protect the environment by using recyclable paper on all packaging. With this attitude we are saving about 2,000 trees per year.

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